In My Own Words: Tarpon Coast Builders

Mike Romig of Tarpon Coast Builders shares the products that they like to use for their projects.
By Mike Romig, Venice, Fla. | August 31, 2007

Weaver Precast

The Epic Wall System from Superior Walls/Weaver Precast is manufactured with a reinforced low-water-to-cement concrete. The walls are certified R-15, and the company claims the walls significantly reduce moisture and mildew buildup. Standard heights are 8 feet; 9 feet, 4 inches; 10 feet; and 12 feet. Window and door dimensions are custom-designed to fit specs. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"This wall system provides the strength and security our buyers expect from our SafeHomes while facilitating our accelerated schedules. The walls are poured in a controlled environment using 5,000 psi concrete and have been large-projectile tested to 235 mph. They form the base of our disaster-resistant homes and are waterproof because of the density of the concrete. Our buyers appreciate knowing they will be protected from wind-borne debris and not get water leakage with resulting mold during severe weather." 

Vanguard Piping Systems

Available in both polyalloy and brass, crimp adapters from Vanguard Piping Systems accommodate crimp connections at the Manabloc plumbing system as well as the fixture. Easily adaptable for either ½- or 38-inch tubing, the company says specific sizes need not be indicated when ordering. No special wrench is required, says Vanguard — a finger-tight installation is all it takes. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"The Manabloc system accomplishes many of our plumbing related goals in the SafeHouse, including reduction of maintenance, long-term durability, energy conservation and reduction of pressure variation when multiple valves are activated concurrently." 

BioBased Insulation

Following the Open Cell 501 polyurethane spray foam, the 1701 water-blown, closed-cell insulation from BioBased uses soy products in place of petroleum derivatives. The product uses about two acres of soybeans to insulate a typical 2,500 square-foot house. The insulation adheres to nearly any surface and will not shrink, settle or disintegrate. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"This soy-based insulation provides superior insulating properties for our SafeHomes while supporting our green building techniques. It is a healthy alternative to traditional insulation materials and provides an added benefit of strengthening the roof structure. It also allows us to seal the entire building envelope, thereby eliminating much of the potential uplift and water penetration of vented soffits occurring during hurricanes." 

Storm Busters

The 16mm corrugated polypropylene panels form the backbone of Storm Busters' Hurricane Shutters. Rated for coastal areas and sporting TAS (201–203) and ASTM (E 1996) missile impact ratings, the shutters allow 70 percent of light to come in and, according to the company, will not warp or deform. For FREE information, visit

In My Own Words

"The Storm Busters products are significantly lighter than aluminum; allow light into the home; will not rot or incur insect damage; and don't have sharp edges. They are easy to mount using the track system, so homeowners are more apt to use them."

Mike Romig talks about the products that Tarpon Coast Builders prefers to use in the homes they build

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