NAHB Poll: Coronavirus’ Impact on Builders Is 'More Widespread and Severe'

April 6, 2020
Builder on the phone
By auremar

The NAHB’s second weekly coronavirus poll is in, and the results are just another example of how fast conditions are changing in this unpredictable economic landscape. In just one week, builders in every region increasingly reported that it is taking longer to get a housing plan review or home inspection and that there is a decrease in workers’ willingness to show up to work. A whopping 93 percent of respondents said that the pandemic is having an adverse effect on buyer traffic in their homes, and 89 percent said there were issues with homeowners’ concerns with interacting with remodeling crews. Read the full results to get a better picture of where building stands today in relation to COVID-19. 

The second week of NAHB’s online poll showed that several of the coronavirus’s impacts on the residential construction industry have become more widespread and severe.  Once again, traffic ranked as the most widespread problem, with 93 percent of respondents saying the coronavirus has had an adverse impact on traffic of prospective buyers.

This result is based on 318 responses collected online between March 24 and March 30.  As in week 1, the largest share of responses came from single-family home builders; and respondents were most often owner, president or CEO of their companies.  The geographic distribution was somewhat different in week 2, however, with a greater share of responses coming from the Northeast and West Census regions.

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