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Movable glass wall manufacturer NanaWall says its new SL84 aluminum framed system is the slimmest and most thermally efficient folding glass walls on the market.

Uniting cutting-edge engineering, proprietary features and several new US patents, the SL84 has a frame profile feature a crisp, angular design and measures a mere 3 7/8 inches. Comprised of a host of proprietary and patented features, the floor-supported system offers an extremely streamlined appearance with minimal exposed hardware, creating a new level of aesthetics, the company says.

“The SL84 is the culmination of more than three decades of innovation which has led to the creation of a product of unsurpassed quality and aesthetic standards,” says Ebrahim Nana, founder and CEO of NanaWall. “The SL84 is poised to set the new standard in the folding glass wall market. This next generation system will join our line of market leading products, and will offer unparalleled flexibility for architects, designers and builders.”


The SL84 reaches a new level of aesthetics with the slimmest aluminum profile available and minimal exposed hardware, the company explains. It uses a patented Bionic Turtle that makes the door the most thermally efficient aluminum framed folding glass wall ever offered by NanaWall. “The system utilizes continuous seals along the face of each panel frame, and two levels of insulating thermal breaks provide optimal defense from heat or cold,” NanaWall says.

The door system offers the following features, among others:

  • The floor supported panels are capable of heights up to 11 feet 6 inches and widths up to 3 feet 7 inches. Plus as a custom-built system, it’s available in inswing or outswing configurations and can accommodate open corner designs.
  • It’s been put through rigorous performance testing for air, water, structural and forced entry.
  • A concealed panel alignment means less exposed panel hinges. The TwinX mechanism aligns panels measuring taller than 7 feet in height by adding a hidden spring-loaded structural reinforcement feature without the need of an additional exposed hinge in the middle of the system. T
  • To allow for construction tolerance, a lateral adjustment feature is available at the side jamb to allow for consistent seal compression within the system and can be adjusted should the need arise.
  • A black polyamide clip-on multipurpose frame insert conceals all visible frame to structure attachment points and screw heads. This frame cover piece creates a hollow space to run and guide concealed cabling for the SL84 to connect to a home security system.
  • The system can can accommodate swing panels either to the end of a chain of panels for systems with an odd number of panels folding in one direction or hinged to the side jamb. Swing doors also can be outfitted with higher kickplates for ADA compliance.
  • For applications requiring electronic security, an optional lock monitoring system with Reed contacts is available. This optional locking feature can be a concealed cable routed through the frames to a home security system.

“NanaWall has produced more than a million panels since our founding, and we are entering this new decade at the absolute top,” Nana says. “Buyers can be confident that NanaWall remains best in class for what buildings of the future will demand – beauty, performance, energy efficiency and innovative features.”


NanaWall SL84 Residence installed open