National Association of Realtors "Jeopardizing Tax Reform," Says Koch Group

October 12, 2017
Tax calculation
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Yesterday, The Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a group backed by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, launched their digital and television campaign claiming "corporate welfare" is endangering the GOP tax reform agenda. In particular, Freedom Partners are taking issue with the National Association of Realtors and organizations related to renewable and energy efficiency interests for opposing some proposed tax cuts, and championing alternative tax relief options. 

Bloomberg reports the NAR has opposed the doubling of the standard deduction out of concern that such a change would be a "de facto tax increase on homeowners", and would negatively affect the mortgage interest tax deduction, which, the NAR argues, encourages consumers to purchase a home. 

The effort is part of what the political network has described as a multimillion-dollar campaign to build public support for a streamlined federal tax system. In addition to paid advertising, the group has created a website it says will "spotlight efforts to promote and protect corporate welfare."

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