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A new shower head manufacturer is making a splash in the water-saving sector.

The Nebia Spa Shower uses patented technology to atomize streams of water, increasing the droplets’ surface area 10 times while saving up to 70 percent water compared to a standard fixture, the company claims.

Water is dispersed from Nebia fixtures in precise patterns that envelop the shape of the human body, the manufacturer says. The technology was developed with the same software that is used to study jet engines. Nebia claims the innovative system can save a family of four up to 21 thousand gallons of water or nearly $400 dollars a year.

The spa shower head has a movable arm that glides 25 inches up and down, making it easily adjustable for children and users with limited mobility. The overhead unit moves back and forth 45 degrees and the wand can be held in hand or placed on a magnetic dock, adding a horizontal spray that gives the Nebia system it’s immersive, spa-like quality.

The Nebia bracket is installed securely to the water supply without breaking tiles. The water supply must be at least five feet above the ground and 24 inches above the faucet. The company suggests a minimum water pressure of 35 PSI and temperature of 115 F.

Over 1,000 people have tested and reviewed 12 generations of Nebia prototypes. After 5 years of technological development, Nebia and its H2MicroTM water technology raised over $3 million on Kickstarter and started shipping product in January of 2017.  The popular new company is backed by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and is being used on the campuses of Google, Apple, Airbnb, and Stanford University.

Nebia is currently available in matte anodized aluminum with white rubber accents. It comes with a multi-layer internal filter and two cleaning caps to limit and clean buildup from hard water.