New Building Certifications Designed To Make Residents Healthier

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January 04, 2017

To appeal to residents who want a healthier life, condo and apartment buildings are being designed to obtain WELL Certification or Active Design Verified status. reports that more than 50 residential buildings are seeking a WELL Certification, and that 25 low- to -middle-income housing developments have achieved Active Design Verified status. These buildings feature high-quality water and air circulation, plenty of natural light, and indoor paint, finishes, and cleaning supplies free of harmful chemicals. Amenities include well-lit stairwells, fitness centers, and bike storage.

A multifamily complex in Denver, for instance, will have a rooftop organic garden, a dechlorinated pool, and a meditation center. One- and two-bedroom condos in the building will sell for $455,000 to $1.8 million.

The new designations are hitting the real estate landscape at a time when folks are more health-conscious than ever, and some builders are betting that these residences will soon become the norm. Wellness buildings are “the next evolution of bringing the medical community together with architects to really meld these ideas,” says Theresa Islo, an administrator in the University of Wisconsin Health and Wellness Management program. “It’s the next step of what we can do to control our health.”

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