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CROSSVILLE, Tenn. — The new Crossville wall tile collections provide a vast array of options for commercial and residential installations from neutral offerings to bold colors and unique textures to shapes.

“Each of the Crossville wall tile collections has been specially curated for modern designs needing updated color offerings and unique new textures,” said Lindsey Waldrep, AHF’s Vice President of Crossville Marketing. “The Color Perspectives line is a unique spin on the traditional subway tile; the Cotto Moderno collection offers updated terracotta and clay tones; and the Hide and Sleek tiles incorporate three-dimensional offerings and sophisticated finishes.”

Color Perspectives

The Crossville Color Perspectives wall tile collection is all about color – whether naturally neutral to pretty in pastels to bold and bright. 

This calibrated ceramic wall tile collection isn't just about hues and chromas – the nine tile offerings do cover the spectrum with Light, Coin, Water, Vanilla, Tea, Marine, Topaz, Pollen, Viola. The collection offers a new perspective on traditional subway tile by providing large 4” x 12” tiles that make a bold statement. Additionally, the upscale bevel highlights the grandiose shape, adding dimension to any room. All hues are offered in the high gloss option.

Cotto Moderno

Revitalizing age-old craftsmanship into a look that is distinctly today, the Crossville Cotto Moderno collection brings forth the essence of the Earth, transforming raw materials into art. Bold brush strokes and undulating colors fluidly highlight unique textures across a variety of shapes and sizes for both floors and walls.

For interior floors, all walls, and water lines, two 8” hexagon formats (flat and chevron) and a unique 2” x 16” porcelain tile option bring visual texture to contemporary interiors. For walls only, an undulating 3” x 10” ceramic brick that feels as if made by hand is available.
Cotto Moderno is anything but traditional and is offered in four clay and terracotta tones: Blanco, Taupe, Naranja, and Marron. The bohemian style and artisanal makeup of each unique tile bring nature’s energy to complete unique design styles.

Hide and Sleek

Hide and Sleek offers an alluring shift in flat and three-dimensional tiles. Light plays along the pearlescent finish, casting shadows and illuminating vertical spaces throughout the day, causing the unique surface texture to recede and emerge in sophisticated elegance. While the flat tiles glitter and glow with subtle shimmer, the three-dimensional ceramic tiles evoke an abstract triangular geometry that is as organic as it is edgy and refined.

This large-scale 12” x 36” wall tile is offered in five harmonious colors of Chalk, Buff, Khaki, Coral, and Lapis. Beautiful in a residential shower or backsplash or in a large-scale commercial setting, the new Hide and Sleek tile collection is easy to clean and maintain, durable, and offers an enduring and sustainable surface.