New Data Shows How Many U.S. Homes Are Worth $500K and Over

November 14, 2017
House interior
Photo: Pixabay

In an attempt to understand who will be affected by the GOP tax plan if it passes, the National Association of Realtors compiled data from across the country assessing mortgage values.

The National Association of Realtors' data show that 15 percent of homes with a first mortgage are worth over half a million dollars across congressional districts. In areas where more than half of the properties are worth over $500K, the homeownership rate is about 48 percent, while the homeownership rate is 65 percent in areas with fewer properties at the same price range.

Furthermore, we should bear in mind that the limit of $500K is not indexed to inflation, causing its value to diminish even further over time. Thus, we took our analysis one step further and calculated the share of homes with a value higher than $500K (subject to an inflation rate of 2 percent) in 2026 and 2036.

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