New Mixed-Use Development Puts a Spin on 'Work From Home'

April 20, 2020
woman sitting at desk stretching shoulders as she works from home
By Halfpoint

Work from home takes on a whole new meaning at Mission Lofts, a new mixed-use development that rents spaces to small businesses and residential occupants. Here, tenants can conduct business, live in a single bedroom apartment, or use the space for both. Though the plans for the project were in the works for three years, its launch could not have come at a more relevant time: With more Americans than ever working from home, many are probably looking around their makeshift home offices and wondering if there is a better option available than a folding card table in their bedroom.

A newly opened development near the nation’s capital has taken mixed-use design to a new dimension that befits the currently predominant, coronavirus-prompted lifestyle of living and working in a single place.

Sited in Falls Church, Virginia, and zoned for commercial as well as residential use, Mission Lofts is a work/live building that offers several – instead of a single – mode of utilization for each of its 156 units.

“Unlike most buildings, Mission Lofts allow each of the units to be occupied at all times at the tenants’ choice as either a place to live, a place to work, or a place to do both,” says developer Robert Seldin, CEO of Highland Square Holdings. “The combined live/work space winds up with the net result of having a 300% potential utility in a 100% physical class.”

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