A New Tool To Help With Carless Commuting

June 28, 2016

Redfin has just introduced a new tool to help Americans find homes that are within a 30-minute commute to nearby jobs without the use of a car. The new tool, known as the Opportunity Score, gives a rating from zero to 100 that represents how easy it is to get to nearby jobs without a car. The higher the score, the easier it is. The score goes beyond just ranking based on the ease of commute, it also takes into consideration the local population as more densely populated areas are likely to have more competition for local jobs.

Of the 50 most populous urban centers in the country, San Jose has the highest Opportunity Score at 70. Milwaukee (63), Albuquerque (59), Providence (58), and Washington, D.C., Portland, and Salt Lake City (tied at 51) round out the top five.

It should also be noted that a low Opportunity Score does not mean an area is a bad place to live, it simply means it may be difficult to find a job that will provide a short, carless commute. There are plenty of high-end areas with low opportunity scores because they do not exist near public transit and the commute to work will likely take over 30 minutes.

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