A New Urbanist Surge

For the many builders who view New Urbanism as a passing fad, evidence to the contrary is pouring in.

January 31, 2002

According to New Urban News, 375 such developments were built, under construction or in advanced stages of planning as of October 2001, a 22.5% annual increase.

Regionally, the journal says the Southeast leads the way with 43% of all TND activity. The three Pacific states follow with 17%; the Midwest, 12.5%; the Northeast, 10.5%; the Southwest, 8%; Mountain states, 8%; and New England, 1%.

For skeptics and adherents alike, this sets up 2002 as a real absorption test for homes selling in these kinds of communities — places where a higher relative value is placed on pedestrian activity and street life over the more proven model of wide lots and horizontal architecture.