New York City Tightens Restrictions on Construction During Pandemic

By Peter Fabris | April 15, 2020
New York City Skyline
By blvdone

New York City has strengthened its ban on nonessential construction, and the city’s Department of Buildings has stepped up enforcement. The department issued more than 100 violations and stop-work orders for noncompliance with the construction ban as of April 2. For the most part, though, compliance has been the rule. More than 99% of nonessential construction sites have shut down or are in the process of doing so, the department says.

The only types of work allowed are emergency construction, work on essential facilities, and projects that require only one on-site worker. Emergency work includes projects that will help protect the health and safety of a building’s occupants, as well as restoration of heat, hot water, or power.

Work can continue on projects that would be unsafe if construction stopped. Essential facilities include roads, bridges, and transit infrastructure; utilities; health care facilities; transitional housing and homeless shelters; and affordable housing.

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