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Faucet and fixture manufacturer Newport Brass has expanded its kitchen product line with the addition of the Muncy collection, which draws inspiration from the industrial era.

The line is highlighted by distinctive knurled features that add decorative flair to a minimalist design. Newport says knurling has been used in the hardware industry for decades but primarily for functional purposes, making handles and knobs easier to grasp than smooth components. But in this case, the company borrowed from Steampunk influences, which provides a subtle industrial aesthetic without being overpowering.

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Newport Brass Muncy Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Stainless Steel PVD

“In the manufacturing process, we utilize a diamond knurl technique that adds depth and character to each fixture,” says David Emmons, marketing director for Brasstech, Inc., parent company of Newport Brass. “In the Muncy collection, we feel that the industrial fusion of the distinctive knurled handle and spray engine shell perfectly complement the symmetrical bent tube spout.”

Newport constructed the collection from solid brass for superior durability and performance, and they used specialized CNC machines to cut a pattern of straight, angled, or crossed lines into the material. The collection is available as a complete suite of products, including matching water dispensers, bar faucets, pot fillers, soap dispensers, and air gaps. “It’s our objective to provide the homeowner with all of the water delivery products and matching accessories that they might need to outfit their dream kitchen,” Emmons notes.

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Newport Brass Muncy Pull Down Kitchen Faucet handle Stainless Steel PVD

One hallmark of the Newport Brass brand, the company says, is its ability to offer consumers a choice of 28 different decorative finishes. “What most people don’t realize is that this is only possible because brass is used exclusively in the manufacturing process,” the brand explains. Companies that incorporate plastic into their faucets are able to reduce production costs, but it limits the number of finishes that they are able to offer, Emmons says. Newport Brass offers a variety of beautiful decorative finishes that allow the homeowner to make the faucet the centerpiece and focal point of the kitchen.

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Newport Brass Muncy Pull Down Kitchen spout Faucet Stainless Steel PVD


Other features of the Muncy pull-down kitchen faucet include:

• Multifunction spray engine with stream and spray modes.

• Swivel ball joint that provides flexibility and range of motion to reach all areas of the sink.

• Magnetic docking system that holds the spray engine in place when the faucet is not being used.

• 35-millimeter cartridge provides long lasting leak-free performance, the company says.

• Handle rotates only 15 degrees back so it will not interfere with the backsplash.

• 360-degree spout rotation.

• Brass pull-down hose is more durable than poly braid hoses.

• Easy mounting hardware includes a collar nut with tensioning screws.

The Muncy is available in a variety of style and configurations, including a pull down/pull out, prep or bar faucet, wall-mount pot filler, and water dispensers

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