Number Of Open Construction Jobs Jumps To Highest Level Since 2007

Even with increased hiring efforts, the number of open positions continues to rise

February 10, 2016

As if there was any more proof needed about the labor shortage in the building industry, the number of open construction positions increased to 207,000 in December, jumping from 138,000 in November, according to Eye on Housing.

This number is significantly higher than the previous cycle high of 168,000 open positions set back in March. It is also the highest amount of open positions since 2007.

This high amount of open jobs comes despite the fact that the construction sector has been steadily increasing its hiring rate. Residential construction employment grew by 20,100 in January of 2016, 28,000 in December of 2015, and 44,900 in November of 2015. That November number was the highest increase during the post-recession period.

While this may be a positive sign for anyone looking to get hired is concerned, the labor shortage many builders are concerned about does not look like it will be getting better anytime soon.

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