Offsite Construction Expected to Become a Major Player for Production Builders

October 28, 2019
Construction Site
Image by annca from Pixabay

Offsite construction will be a key player in the future of home building, according to Ed Hudson, Home Innovation Research Labs Director, Market Research. Hudson predicts an increase in the use of offsite construction despite some barriers including a lack of time and logistical issues. The growing interest is especially true for production builders. 

During a presentation at NAHB’s 2019 Building Systems Housing Summit in October, Ed Hudson, Home Innovation Research Labs Director, Market Research, provided insight as to when and where he believes offsite construction technologies are likely to have an impact in the coming years. The data presented were from a survey of home builders Home Innovation conducted in August 2019.

 In the survey, four questions were asked on the topic of offsite housing technologies: two asking builders what offsite methods they anticipate using one and five years from now; one on barriers to using these technologies; and a final one seeking to understand the role labor played in their decisions regarding offsite housing. A summary of Ed’s presentation is below; you can also download the entire presentation.

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