Ohio exterior remodel puts high-tech insulation to the test

May 6, 2015

Neopor® rigid thermal insulation behind integrated solution

Northeast Ohio can be very hot and humid in the summer, and is often bitterly cold in the winter. That’s why Ben and Kathy Higl made the extra effort to make their home more energy efficient as part of an exterior remodel. One of the project’s primary objectives was to offset some of the remodeling cost by reducing long-term cooling and heating costs.

A three-part solution

In consultation with their builder, Kraiger Construction Co. of Zoar, Ohio, the Higls chose three products that incorporate BASF’s innovative Neopor® rigid thermal insulation to create a highly effective insulation envelope around the exterior of their home.

First, they installed Halfback®H2O by Progressive Foam Technologies as continuous insulation, which significantly improved the performance of the existing wall insulation. The R-5 Neopor panels deliver the added benefit of being highly permeable to effectively manage moisture, and feature grooves that help to channel condensed water vapor or bulk rainwater safely down and out.

The homeowners desired the look of traditional siding while also optimizing their energy savings. That’s why they opted for CraneBoard® 7-inch clapboard vinyl siding by Royal Building Products, backed by Solid CoRe® insulation — an R-3 insulated siding product that integrates Neopor to further mitigate thermal bridging through the existing wall structure. Similar to Halfback®H20, the Solid CoRe® insulation has moisture management ridges that provide space for ventilation.  

Finally, the project also called for a new fiberglass entry door by JELD-WEN®, which features an insulating core made of Neopor. The door is ENERGY STAR® certified and has an NFRC listed R-value of 5.1/in at 35° F.

The project in progress

Better performance and value through innovative science

The common denominator across these innovative building products is Neopor, BASF’s premier insulating material. It was chosen as an ingredient brand by the manufacturers — and by the homeowners — because it is powerful and affordable insulation with a number of unique properties.

Neopor integrates high-purity graphite into the polymer matrix, which reflects and absorbs radiant energy to decrease thermal conductivity. Remarkably, the R-value of Neopor actually increases as temperature decreases.

It’s the results that matter

According to BASF’s Luis Espada, Business Manager, Neopor Insulation – North America, the use of Neopor as insulation in three separate building components provided an affordable, integrated system for increased comfort. At the same time, vastly improved energy efficiency continues to help offset the costs of the remodel through long-term energy savings.

“The Higls discovered they were able to hit their budget for the remodel and reduce their energy bills,” Espada observed.  “An unexpected benefit has been what they describe as an increase in ‘comfort’. The house used to be drafty with inconsistent temperatures from room to room, and that is no longer the case.” 

This complementary use of several products that incorporate Neopor is a powerful example of BASF building science and innovative chemistry.  It’s all part of BASF BEYOND.High Performance® — a comprehensive, holistic approach that gives builders the innovation they need to construct sustainable, high-performance homes in an affordable way that helps care for homeowners and their families, the way they live and their quality of life in the home. 

Thermographic images, before (left) and after Neopor® insulation

Project Specs

Location: Bolivar, Ohio
Size: 2,500 square foot home
Completed: Summer 2013
Builder: Kraiger Construction Co. 

For more information:  visit www.neopor.basf.us and www.basfbeyondhome.us