One Plan, Multiple Elevations: Catie

This home, designed for a lakefront community, overcomes several challenges, arriving at a solution that offers plenty of glass on the lakefront plus distinct character on the street elevation

January 6, 2020
Catie house design by TK Design & Associates
Catie design front elevation

ARCHITECT: TK Design & Associates

Todd Hallett,, 248.446.1960

DIMENSIONS: Width: 25 feet, Depth: 60 feet, Living area: 2,326 sf


Effectively creating multiple elevations for one plan can be challenging. There are many variables to consider, including architectural styling, color, cost, massing, and fenestration. This home was designed for a lakefront community within which the builder wanted to create a micro-community of six homes side by side, establishing a unique identity for his brand. There were several challenges to overcome, not least of which is the fact that the homes are just 25 feet wide and have front-facing garages. The solution was to create an open plan with plenty of glass on the lakefront, while also achieving distinct character on the street side. 


Catie home design front elevations 1


Catie home design front elevations 2



Cartie home design elevations 3


Catie home design plan key


Catie home design plans