The Origins Of The Tiny House

July 14, 2016

Everything had to begin somewhere. And most times, those beginnings are often of a much earlier origin than we would expect. For example, you may think using OMG to mean “Oh my God” is a relatively recent invention born from shorthand texting lingo. But the first documented use of OMG as we use it today actually dates all the way back to 1917, when Lord Fisher used it in a letter to Winston Churchill.

Pre-fabricated houses and buildings offer another example of unexpectedly early origins. Prefab structures, which have recently begun to grow in popularity, can be traced back to the Vikings, who brought over partially constructed structures to then put together and use as housing in recently invaded lands.

The recent tiny house craze is another example that dates back far earlier than the recent spate of reality shows on the topic suggest. Just how early? How about all the way back to the ancient Chinese Taoists who lived in mountain caves and the Desert Fathers of third century Christianity, Curbed reports. Hermits were the first people to downsize to remote, minimalist living spaces.

While today’s tiny house movement may more often be based on fads and hipsters being hipsters as opposed to the reasons hermits had for their minimalist living, the fact remains, tiny house living has been around for centuries.

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