“Our floating stairs live even better than they look.”

July 8, 2019
Viewrail FLIGHT floating stairs open up a space that is normally encased in drywall.
Viewrail FLIGHT floating stairs open up a space that is normally encased in drywall.

A semi-custom homebuilder in Goshen, IN wanted to meet his customer’s expectations for an open-concept home. The customer suggested a Viewrail FLIGHT floating stairway, and provided a couple of photos as reference along with a website. A reasonable budget was available, but the builder was apprehensive about working with a product he’d never used before.

Todd Meier of Team Construction saw an opportunity to create a new look in a standard floor plan. Replacing the typical drywall-enclosed staircase with a floating stairway would create a visually open area in a space that was typically boxed off. However, the building location was in a code jurisdiction with exacting codes and notorious inspectors. And he was also concerned about framing changes that may be required.

Viewrail provided all the documentation the builder needed to make the minor framing changes. A floor joist was moved at the footer and a LVL header was added. Code inspectors came out to the job site before, during, and after installation. According to Meier, “Viewrail took all of those code considerations into account when they designed these stairs. We had no code problems at all.”

Installation was accomplished in a single day. While only three carpenters were needed for the task, a couple of other folks came to watch and learn so they would be prepared to install a Viewrail FLIGHT in other homes in the future. That speedy installation process was crucial on this job, as a final inspection and occupancy permit were required so that the homeowners could move in three days later. Meier said “to have this kind of system get done in a single day was surprising.” 

Viewrail FLIGHT floating stairs with black powder coated stringer and hard maple treads, stainless steel rod railing and black side-mounted posts.

The homeowners selected a black powder coated stringer and hard maple treads with a Kona stain to match the identical species and color of the kitchen cabinets and fireplace mantle. A matching handrail on top of stainless steel rod railing and side-mounted black powder coated posts completes the look.

So did the builder meet his customer’s expectations? The homeowner commented, “it looks as beautiful as we hoped, and lives even better than it looks.”