A Perfect Match

October 3, 2013

Stone manufacturer and installer completes condo project in just two days

Supply and demand is a fairly basic, economics 101 concept. Providing customers with quality products and excellent service are the essential components at the heart of any business—including Environmental StoneWorks (ESW), which, as the only national manufacturer and installer of stone veneer, is uniquely positioned to help its clients bring their vision to life.

Their recently completed work on Coral Ridge Condominiums is a perfect example. This past June, the newest property from Centerville, Utah-based custom builder Henry Walker Homes (HWH), was rapidly approaching its opening date, with workers putting on the finishing touches, one of which included stone veneer. A purchasing agent for HWH had already selected the product that would grace the exteriors, and it was simply a matter of getting the stone veneer installed quickly and professionally.

As the opening date got closer, it became obvious that HWH was not going to have the Coral Ridge Condominium community ready for sale because the stone veneer installation was so far behind. Add in the industry-wide labor shortage — resulting in problems finding enough masons needed to install the product — and HWH was faced with a serious dilemma with little time left to resolve it.

As luck would have it, the HWH purchasing agent’s phone rang and it was Greg Baker, Environmental StoneWorks’ Sales Leader in St. George looking for new business. Environmental StoneWorks had already worked with HWH in the Salt Lake area, but Baker was persistent looking for collaborative opportunities in St. George. When he heard about the quandary at HWH, Baker jumped right in.

Baker coordinated directly with Edgar Mora, ESW’s production manager in St. George, to find the product that best matched what HWH had planned to work with. The collaboration ended up producing Volterra Fieldstone, which turned out to be a perfect match to HWH’s previous stone veneer selection.

Baker knew that Coral Ridge was in a pinch, so he promised HWH that once manufacturing was completed, the full installation could be done in two days. It was a tall order — but ESW more than delivered, completing the project on time while keeping a high priority on safety. “The installers did the job quickly and still maintained excellent craftsmanship,” says Baker.

Henry Walker Homes was so impressed with the final results at Coral Ridge that Environmental StoneWorks has already been awarded additional work at the custom builder’s St. George-area projects.

“It’s all about being there when opportunity knocks and delivering on your promises to your customers both new and established,” concludes Baker. “From the manufacturing process to our local installation crews, we work together as a team to ensure we deliver a customer experience that is second to none.”