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In the Philadelphia region, 2023 was a big year for labor activity with the formation of several new unions. The usual work of unions includes advocating for higher wages and defending workers' rights, but some unions are now also offering other benefits in their effort to attract new members and demonstrate the value of a union card, according to the Labor 411 Foundation.

As homeownership has become less affordable in recent years, more unions have been stepping in to help their members realize the goal of homeownership.

Daniel P. Bauder, president of the AFL-CIO’s Philadelphia Council, which comprises more than 100 local labor unions, said local unions have been offering home buying help for a while. But ‘I think it’s becoming more popular, and I think it’s also becoming better known,’ he said.

‘It’s a wonderful thing that the unions are doing, and it’s making a real impact in the lives of their members,’ Bauder said. ‘Unions are so much more than grievances and wages and benefits.'”

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