Positivity Breeds Positivity: Utah Residents Are Happiest With Their State Economy

February 10, 2016

The United States is a big place with a variety of different cultures, climates, and economies. Sure, there is the greater nationwide economy, but each state has its own thing going on, as well. As you might expect, the level of confidence each states’ residents have in their respective economies varies greatly.

According to Gallup, Inc., residents of Utah have the highest level of positivity and confidence in their state’s economy with a state economic confidence index of +75. North Dakota comes in second with a +68 followed by Texas with a +67.

Not all states are quite so confident, however, as there are four states with a negative score. Rejoice, residents of West Virginia, as your state does not find itself at the absolute bottom of this particular list. That spot is reserved for Illinois, with a score of -22. West Virginia comes next at -14, and is followed by Connecticut at -11 and Rhode Island at -6.

Additionally, most states’ residents feel more confident in their state economies than the national economy. In fact, only four states had residents who had more positivity about the national economy. Click the link to see the full list and breakdown of each state.

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