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Home Innovation Research Labs recently announced its preparations for the 2024 ICC-700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS), which will become the precedent for residential certifications over the next several years, the research and consulting firm reports. The committee is made up of key players in the residential construction industry such as government officials, advocacy groups, home builders, product manufacturers, and stakeholders.

Committee members will be assigned to task groups to make amendments and proposed changes to the 2020 edition of the NGBS on topics like energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and lot development, among others. Once all changes are made, the updated standard will be submitted to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for approval.

"ANSI rules for standards development provide checks and balances based on the principles of openness, consensus, balance, and due process, lending to the unmatched credibility of the National Green Building Standard in the residential industry," said Michael Luzier, president and CEO of Home Innovation Research Labs. "Because the ANSI process requires a balanced representation of stakeholders on the Consensus Committee and consideration of the views of all participants, this update provides an important opportunity for all those with an interest in bona fide green home building."

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