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Experience The Thoughtful Home at Show Village 2021 in this on-demand webinar and see how extensive consumer research, creative design solutions, and cutting-edge products combine to meet the needs of today's homeowner.

The Thoughtful Home by BSB Design promotes relaxation, privacy, rejuvenation, great sleep, and the transition from the outside world to the sanctity of home. Join webinar presenters Rich Binsacca, Pro Builder Media's editorial director, and Dan Swift, BSB Design's chairman of the board, in this immersive home tour to learn how subtle yet highly effective design changes to home floor plans can answer the lifestyle wants and needs of today's homebuyers.

What viewers will learn:

  • How to create floor plans that promote relaxation and rejuvenation
  • What COVID-19 has taught us about the elements of a home that matter most
  • How to apply thoughtful design to home building projects

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The Thoughtful Home by BSB Design, master bath

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