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Gather 'round the fire and look at these fireplaces

By Nick Bajzek, Products Editor | November 30, 2008
The Bella from Lennox

Cast into the Flame


The Bella’s unique styling and cast-iron finish makes it both an attractive new fireplace and the first cast-iron pellet stove Lennox offers. The standout fireplace features an ultra-quiet direct-current brushless auger motor paired with a double-cushioned combustion fan. Homeowners can control the flame with a built-in LCD screen. For FREE information, visit

The L676 Sunrise from Regency

Warm and Fuzzy

Regency’s new fireplaces sport optional reflective panels to amplify the appearance of the fire. Each model has a colored frame and a face without louvers. The collection can be included in blueprints or added to a home during a remodel. The L676 Sunrise (shown) frames a 676-square-inch opening. 

The Topas fireplace from Rais

Topas, not Tapas

Plenty of people still use wood stoves to provide supplemental or even primary heat, and Rais’ Topas can provide plenty of it. It features a large opening and firewood holder and an innovative air wash system to allow for a more efficient flame. Standard features include steel side and top plates and the necessary connecting pipe. For FREE information, visit

The 5660 Std fireplace from Morso

Sack the Smokiness

Morso’s new 5660 Std fireplace features a convection system that ensures optimum heat distribution in the room and a large combustion chamber that can take logs of up to 20 inches. The fireplace can pump out a maximum of 50,000 BTUs per hour. For FREE information, visit



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