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Touchstone Homes is more than just talk. They deliver.
By By Paul Cardis, Avid Ratings Co. | October 31, 2007
Touchstone Homes

Some builders talk about exceeding customer expectations, but Touchstone Homes delivers on that promise. "We spend a lot of time with home buyers to make sure we know what our customers are thinking," says Sales Manager Mike Zambri. That way, the company can customize the buying experience to emphasize what's important to individual home buyers. "We tell them, 'We want to be your partner in this process,'" Zambri says. "We go the extra mile in the areas that are important to them."

This approach to customer service has home buyers raving about Touchstone Homes, which has more than two-thirds of its customers making actual referrals. "We make sure it's not a process of us against home buyers," Zambri says. "We're there to be their consultant, to make sure the customer is satisfied."

To that end, inspections are done by a separate quality assurance inspector, whose fresh set of eyes often catches things missed by those working so closely with the homes. This inspection process also guarantees that home buyers encounter the same quality regardless of the Touchstone community they are shopping. "We have a lot of home buyers who visit multiple communities," Zambri says. "You don't want them seeing different levels of quality."


Touchstone Homes

Finalist in Atlanta Market

Headquarters: Suwanee, Ga.

Chief Executive: Bryan Cohen, president

Number of Employees: 77

Product: Single-family detached

Average Square Footage: 2,800

Average Price: $305,000

2006 Closings: 273

2006 Revenue: $84 million

Avid Index: 232 points (out of 300)

Home Buyers Willing to Recommend: 88.3%

Home Buyers Making Actual Referrals: 70.6% (29.4% making 6 or more)

Home Buyers Willing to Recommend: 91.3%

Home Buyers Making Actual Referrals: 72.7% (22.7% have made 6 or more referrals)

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