Quartz Counters, Deep Sinks, Steam Convection Ovens Among Ideal Dream Kitchen Features

November 29, 2016

Made of actual stone, quartz counters are strong, nonporous, color customizable, and, maybe most importantly, not as overexposed as granite counters.

Houzz listed 11 must-haves for a designer’s dream kitchen, recognizing appealing and useful features like hidden range hoods, counter-depth fridges, slab backsplashes, and steam convection ovens.

Spacious sinks are particularly desirable for homeowners.

Typical sinks are often around 8 inches deep, but a sink that is 10 inches deep or more makes for luxurious ease of use. Being able to easily fit a large pot fully inside the sink for filling or cleaning is very practical. Plus, if you do leave an item or two in the sink to be cleaned later, they won’t be visible in your seemingly bottomless sink.

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