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In the latest updates from Albert Cummings, half of the builder duo (alongside his wife Christina Cummings) responsible for the highly anicipated and currently under construction House That Blues Built, the veteran custom builder and famed blues musician shares a couple quick tips on building out a roof efficiently and safely. 

Organize your trusses

Walking us through the jobsite, Cummings points our attention to a number trusses seemingly scattered aboutthe ground. Only they're not scattered, he explains, they're placed strategically.  

"The object is to get them all so the crane can reach them," says Cummings. "Each one has a spot so that each one goes where it's supposed to go." 

It's about putting the right pieces in the right place to not only make things easier, but less stressful—which is particularly important for trusses, which can be dangerous when installing. 

"One piece at a time, especially with trusses," he says. "You want to keep things calm and keep everybody safe." 

Finding a good foothold with safe products

With trusses up and roofing plywood nailed on, Albert in his next update shares with us a product that he touts as not only durable and "with a cool color," but effective in improving jobsite safety. 

"We are now starting to cover the roof with DuPont's Tyvek Protec. It's made so you can actually have traction on it when you're walking," Cummings explain. "Guys love it because they can actually get foot traction on a roof. And these are 10-, 12-pitch roofs—so very steep."