Ray Tonjes Builder Inc. Materials of Choice


Ray Tonjes, president of Ray Tonjes Builder Inc., Austin, Tx., tells readers about a few of the materials they prefer to use in their projects.

By Ray Tonjes, President, Austin, Texas | October 31, 2006


TruStile Interior doors




All TruStile panel doors come in paint-grade MDF, 12 different finishes as well as any TruClad metal finishes. Buyers choose styles from the TS Series, Tambour Series, V-Groove Series or Custom Design Series, and the doors will be built in the materials and panel profiles specified.

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In My Own Words

"TruStile doors are quality — they are simply constructed better. They have multiple styles available that we don't see in competing products, and that is probably the biggest advantage. The performance is just great."




Mulch Filter Sock


J-V Dirt and Loam fill various types of netting with recycled wood mulch to create a storm water sediment filter. These devices, known as mulch filter socks, filter tubes and mulch logs, remove particles of less than 25 microns. They do not need to be trenched and are easily maintained. When construction is complete, the netting can be cut and removed, and the mulch used to amend the soil.

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In My Own Words

"The product is a 12-inch diameter mesh bag filled with compost that replaces conventional storm water filtering systems. It is less hazardous on the job site with no metal stakes and doesn't get beat up. When the job is done, you just split the nylon mesh and leave the compost on site, so it becomes part of your landscaping."



Cocoon Cellulose Insulation


Cocoon cellulose insulation from U.S. GreenFiber delivers permanent, high-efficiency thermal insulation and an effective R-value with for added safety. Made from at least 80 percent recycled paper fiber, Cocoon reduces nuisance noise when used in walls.

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In My Own Words

"Cocoon cellulose insulation is a blown-in insulation made of recycled newsprint. As a green builder, I use a lot of recycled materials when I can, and this product offers every advantage — a name brand that is also cost-effective. One of the benefits Cocoon delivers over fiberglass insulation is sound deadening, and there are some residual mold inhibitors in it, too."






Termimesh System is an environmentally friendly termite barrier that provides effective and permanent termite protection without spraying chemicals. Termimesh uses marine-grade stainless steel mesh, which promises to last the life of the building.

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In My Own Words

"We've been using Termimesh for five years. The combination of the product, the supplier and the installer makes this product as good as it gets. The physical barrier of stainless steel mesh surrounds all your plumbing penetrations as well as any penetrations in your slab."


ZipLevel Pro 2000



ZipLevel Pro 2000 by Technidea is a precision altimeter and a revolutionary alternative to rotary lasers. ZipLevel levels and reads elevations directly in digits — no math, rods, tripods, line-of-sight error with distance or factory calibration.

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In My Own Words

"The ZipLevel permits true, one-man operation and allows elevations to be taken literally 30 seconds after arriving at the site. A digital water level that provides very accurate elevations, it allows me to check grades, elevations and heights by myself. Lightweight and easily portable, it consists of two main parts: a base unit and measurement module that's very accurate."


These are a few of the materials that Ray Tonjes Builder Inc. prefers to use for their developments

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