Renovate, Or Tear Down And Rebuild?

November 2, 2016

Renovating a house can be a never-ending project, but then again, tearing down and building anew is a heavy job, as well. Which is the better option?

Trulia says that it depends on your situation, of course. The site offered five tips for determining whether you should remodel or rebuild.

Owners that have houses with historical character, or that have to deal with restrictive regulations, should consider renovating, while people with houses that have water damage or structural issues should lean toward a teardown. Remember: Cost is always key.

Once you start renovating and ripping things apart, you might discover some unwelcome surprises. … Phil Eby, owner and president of Eby Exteriors Inc. in Akron, Pa., advises to choose a renovation only if the remodeling costs will be considerably less than new construction or if you wish to keep historical attributes. A teardown and complete rebuild is typically an easier and more straightforward process.

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