Renters Have Lower Commute Times Than Homeowners

March 9, 2016

Based on popular opinion, those who own their homes may be closer to living the American Dream than those who rent. Yes, anyone who rents has probably heard more than once from a homeowner friend something along the lines of “How can you continue to rent? It’s just throwing your money down a hole.” But, a victory that renters can now claim is that, on average, they have shorter commutes than their homeowning counterparts.

In 43 out of America’s 50 largest metros, renters enjoy shorter daily commutes, reports CityLab. Renters in Riverside-San Bernardino, Houston, and Long Island had the shortest commute times compared to homeowners. Meanwhile, if you rent in San Francisco, Detroit, or Cleveland, then you might not be able to claim this victory, as homeowners in those three cities had shorter commute times.

In addition, renters are more likely to use public transportation, live in smaller homes, be younger, and not yet have families. Short commute times are becoming so valued that more Americans are trading in their larger, suburban houses for smaller urban living spaces in order to save some time commuting. Even families are beginning to head back to the city as less time commuting means more time with the family. Although it may even mean going from owning a home to renting one, many people see the trade-off as justified.

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