Renting a One-Bedroom Apartment Has Become More Expensive Than Renting A Two-Bedroom Unit

September 20, 2016

While rents have risen across the board, the median rent price for a one-bedroom apartment has surpassed the price of a two-bedroom place.

CNBC found that one-bed options overtook two-bed apartments in December 2015. As of July, the median rent of a one-bedroom unit was $1,264, while a two-bedroom costs $1,252.

In many cities, the newer, more expensive rentals in the trendiest parts of the metro area are often one-bedroom homes.

"Hip, new multifamily buildings are being built, and those are more likely to be one-bedroom homes," said Skylar Olsen, senior economist at Zillow. "Across the whole housing stock, it could be that one-bedrooms are more expensive because they're in more attractive parts of town."

Also, cities like New York and San Francisco have skyrocketing rents, and those markets contain many one-bedroom options.

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