Residential Construction Employment

April 19, 2019
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Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel/Unsplash

A new study of home building employment finds that of the 10.3 million Americans working in construction in 2017 (the most recent data available), more than 4 million worked in residential construction, or 2.6 percent of the nation's employed labor force.

By state, California has the most residential construction workers, 586,000, a 3.1 percent share of the state employed labor force. Florida had the next most, 380,000, but its residential construction workers account for a 4.0 percent share of the state's overall employed labor force, according to the National Association of Home Builders' study.

Despite steady job gains since 2011, the industry employment levels remain far below the peaks reached during the housing boom when more than 11 million worked in construction, and home building employed more than 5 million people, including self-employed workers.

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