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By Piman Khrutmuang

Emile Haddad, CEO of land developer FivePoint Holdings, believes that builders will get through this crisis. Why? Because builders have struggled through bankruptcies and local business shutdowns before, and they have come out smarter. He’s seen that builders had already been cautiously balancing their expenses recently even prior to the virus. After the near freeze on the housing market, he says the industry will rebound as jobs return and America realizes that it is knee-deep in another technological revolutionone that Haddad says has been accelerated by nearly a decade. Listen to the podcast to hear all of Haddad’s take on how builders will fare after the current market conditions.

When you spend 11 years worried about a bomb landing on your head and then start your own company only to see your country’s currency become worthless, you develop a level of grit and perspective that helps you see clearly in tough times.

In this podcast, Emile Haddad, CEO of publicly traded land developer FivePoint Holdings, describes how these experiences as well as bankruptcies at two prior employers, helped him prepare for the next black swan event—and helps him guide his team through these difficult times. If you want perspective, this will be the best hour you spend this week. Emile reminds us that:

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