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FORT WAYNE, Ind — New investment company Rival Holdings launched operations today, with a vision to actively transform the real estate, construction and building industry.

Rival brings two strong companies together—Ambassador Supply and VIA Developments—under one umbrella, while also seeking new investment opportunities. The company will have a strong focus on mergers and acquisitions, real estate acquisition and development, and innovative technologies. As the parent company for Ambassador Supply and VIA, Rival operates 16 companies in 10 states, with over 800 employees, a real estate portfolio value of $200 million, and 2 million square feet under management.

Rival CEO Brad Crawford explained the idea behind the creation of the venture company, saying, “As our industry grows and evolves, it is critical that we focus on technology, innovation and disruption. Rival is a company that will work to catalyze innovation and growth, through a holistic view of the real estate and construction industry, and a willingness to take risks and explore possibilities.”

Because VIA and Ambassador Supply have reached a growth point through their holdings, increased services, and view of the industry, leadership decided to consolidate their efforts and focus into a parent company, while allowing them to operate independently.

Ambassador Supply is an investment and management company operating across rural, residential, and commercial verticals, focusing on manufactured building products, post-frame building solutions, and the highest quality building materials. Commercial real estate development and management firm VIA Developments is dedicated to creating a positive and lasting impact on people, businesses, and communities. VIA’s vision is to achieve long-term capital growth and wealth preservation through diverse real estate activities, including investment, development, management, and ownership. 

Rival will look for companies demonstrating high-care, high-trust, and high-performance characteristics with strong next-generation leadership and a competitive mentality. The company will apply these principles to its own operations, as well as the companies in its portfolio.

Crawford added, “Rival is creating a startup focus within a long-standing family of businesses, so we know what it takes to build something that produces lasting change: a clear vision to get a project off the ground, a highly skilled team working together as one, perseverance to overcome challenges along the way, a tenacious commitment to quality, and consistently delivering on our promises.”

Rival seeks conversations with like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors who share the company’s passion for transforming the built world.