Sales All-Star: Jeff Kaizer

Jeff Kaizer is a machine. And that's almost how he thinks of himself.

By Patrick L. O’Toole, Senior Editor | July 31, 2002


Company: Engle Homes, Orlando, Fla.
Awards: NSMC Region 10 Salesperson of the Year, 2001
2001 net sales units: 69
2001 net sales dollars: $17.9 million
2001 team community customer satisfaction rate:: 91%
Average number of appointments per month: 24-40
Cancellation or bust-out rate: 4%

Jeff Kaizer is a machine. And that's almost how he thinks of himself. He claims he isn't as naturally gifted as other accomplished salespeople, but rather someone who has relentlessly pursued and acquired the skills and selling techniques that have served him exceptionally well. A one-time entrepreneur who owned and operated a frozen yogurt business, Kaizer is in his eighth year of selling homes and has found his comfort level within the traditional critical-path selling process.

"I find that sales is a methodical process," Kaizer says. "As smooth as I can manage, I am gaining information for a specific reason and premeditating what I am going to do next with the information." In the "demonstrate" phase along the critical path, Kaizer advocates a presentation focusing on the "style and design" of a home versus one that includes features and benefits. After gaining agreement from the buyer on the type of home, he "marries it" to a home site to complete the creation of a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the buyer.


Buyer Viewpoint: Carl Hohenstein
Jeff is a good example of somebody who carries out the goals and objectives that a company like Engle Homes has. Engle Homes is a large builder, they have a lot of programs, but if you don’t have good people to implement these types of things and communicate them down to the lowest levels, you might as well not have the programs.

"The more you site, the more you write," Kaizer says. The benefit of this approach is clear: It creates a sense of urgency, a unique opportunity and a "once it is gone, it is gone forever" mentality.

At the conclusion of an appointment, Kaizer's presentation leaves the prospect with a connection to a particular home and a home site. From there he moves on to one of a number of his favorite closing scenarios and writes the deal. Common closes include defining the next step for the buyer or suggesting a course of action. "Momentum matters," Kaizer explains. "Once I earn the right to close by creating a one-of-a-kind opportunity for a customer, I stay on a steady course. Inaction is the enemy of every sale."


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  Jeff on his sales technique


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