Salt Lake City, Miami, And Orlando Are The Best Cities For Millennials

April 12, 2017

Young adults have dreams of living in New York City or San Francisco, but at some point dollars and cents win out.

According to MarketWatch, Salt Lake City, Miami and Orlando are the top three cities for Millennials. All three cities have growing economies and job opportunities for young adults. Other desirable cities include Houston, Buffalo, N.Y., and Albany, N.Y. ranked the cities according to the page views of each area compared to the national average, with affordability and job availability factored in. Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Jose also made the list.

They may not be spending more than half of their income on rent like they would in Miami, but in Los Angeles, for example, millennial renters would be paying almost 40% of their income on rent compared with the average renter, at 34%.

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