San Francisco rejects ‘Airbnb’ law

Prop F would have limited the number of nights of short-term rental and required individual hosts to submit quarterly reports.

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | December 18, 2015

Recently, voters of San Francisco rejected a highly controversial proposition (“Prop F”) aimed at regulating short-term home rentals. Prop F would have limited the number of nights a short-term rental could be let 75 days a year, required individual hosts and platforms to submit quarterly reports to the city, and allowed a permanent resident living 100 feet from the short-term rental to report perceived violations and request that authorities take action.

Other communities are also struggling with what to do about the recent surge in popularity for short-term home rentals. Some cities have enacted outright bans; while others have imposed regulations that levy transient occupancy taxes and/or mandate stringent permitting requirements.


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