San Jose, Indianapolis Among Best Places To Obtain Small Business Loan

August 18, 2016

Silicon Valley and the Hoosier State don’t really have too much in common, but the biggest cities in those regions are both great places to access credit.

CNBC used Biz2Credit data from 261 metro areas across the U.S. to name the 25 best markets when it comes to getting a small business loan. The rankings are determined by the total dollar value of business loan applications approved.

San Jose, ranked first, is the home to a bunch of tech start-ups. It also benefits from being in the largest state in the country, as CNBC notes, so a robust economy allows for more access to capital. Businesses in Indianapolis, which came in third, get a boost from the logistics and transportation industry.

Other well-positioned metros on the list include Orlando, Philadelphia, and Houston.

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