Say Goodbye to Fiber Cement Tools

By LP SmartSide | April 24, 2018
LP SmartSide

Cutting and installing fiber cement siding is a very specialized process, and you can’t do it with everyday tools. Fiber cement is difficult to cut cleanly and creates a lot of silica dust when you cut.

Here’s a smarter alternative: LP® SmartSide® engineered wood siding cuts like traditional wood and installs using common framing tools. Why spend money on expensive tools and saw blades when you can cut and install LP SmartSide siding with the same tools you use for framing?


Avoid the cost of these specialty tools

LP SmartSide siding saves you money because you don’t need:

  • Fiber cement shears and a shear attachment
  • Plank and trim cutter
  • Circular saw with dust collector
  • Carbide or diamond-tipped saw blades
  • Fiber cement hand snips and notcher
  • Siding nail cutter and shop vacuum


Easy workability—no special tools required

LP SmartSide siding installs easily with everyday framing tools. So why pay for nine costly tools needed for cutting and installing fiber cement?


Lighter weight for easier installation

It takes two people to transport and install fiber cement, but LP SmartSide siding can be carried and installed by one worker. You get easier installation and less breakage.


Available in time-saving longer lengths

LP SmartSide engineered cedar texture lap siding is available in 16-foot lengths that go up faster than the standard 12-foot fiber cement panel.


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