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SFA Saniflo, a division of Group SFA, has unveiled its latest solution to tackle persistent issues associated with faulty sewage pumps in the plumbing industry—the Sanipit 24GR retrofit pump kit. This innovation aims to provide a reliable and hassle-free replacement option for sewage pumps, addressing concerns such as high maintenance costs, float issues, and messy repairs.

The Sanipit 24GR retrofit pump kit boasts a functional design, featuring a built-in 1-horsepower grinder motor and air pressure mechanism that accommodates most 24-inch basins. Its versatility extends to compatibility with basins from well-known brands like Liberty Pumps, Zoeller, and Myers, ensuring seamless integration with existing pump systems. Notably, the retrofit cover adapts easily to the current basin, eliminating the need for extensive modifications.

Regis Saragosti, CEO of SFA Saniflo North America, emphasizes the significance of this solution in an industry that has seen minimal innovation in sewage pump technology over the past 50 years. "As sewage pumps have been a largely unchanged and problematic part of the plumbing industry for over 50 years, this solution is poised to disrupt the North American market by offering a hassle-free and high-performance option for replacing faulty sewage pumps,” he claims.

The highly versatile unit is engineered to retrofit into 24-inch basins from Liberty Pumps, Zoeller, Myers and other sewage pump manufacturers in Canada and the United States.

Keys to the Sewage Pump’s Success 

Key to the effectiveness of the Sanipit 24GR is the utilization of short cycling, thermo-magnetic type motors, a feature present in existing Saniflo pumps. This design prioritizes the specific needs of installers, delivering reliability, redundancy, and a wastewater detection system.

Unlike traditional pumping systems that sit directly in sewage, the Sanipit 24GR incorporates a dry cavity design. This separation of components and the motor ensures a mess-free experience for plumbing installers and service technicians, a crucial differentiator in a market lacking products with similar features.

Maintenance is simplified with easy access to major internal components, including the motor, grinder blade, and pressure switches. The retrofit pump kit is designed for a "white glove service" experience, allowing for straightforward replacements without the mess associated with sewage and waste.

The 1-horsepower motor equipped with a stainless steel grinder blade addresses common issues like frequent clogs in traditional sewage pumps. The efficient air pressure mechanism ensures smooth and uninterrupted wastewater flow, eliminating the inconvenience and disruptions caused by pump failures.

With a pumping distance of up to 25 feet and a maximum shutoff head of 33 feet, the Sanipit 24GR retrofit pump kit promises robust performance. Additional features include an external control panel and a visual/audible alarm system, providing enhanced monitoring and control capabilities.

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