Shades Of Beige And Warm Wood Cabinets Are Hot Design Trends For 2017

December 21, 2016

The laundry room will no longer be a no-frills utility space. Homebuyers and owners are investing in the room’s design, adding storage space and natural light.

Houzz, through Business Insider, found the most popular home design trends for the new year. Homeowners like pendant lights that hang from the ceiling and black steel and glass doors for both entryways and showers. White is a hot color for the kitchen, and designers enjoy the neutral color qualities of beige.

Warm wood cabinets, particularly clean-lined and modern versions, are eye-catching, and hexagonal backsplashes give a classic subway look.

Lots of homeowners are choosing a more bold look in their kitchen, going for a full wall of tile rather than a traditional backsplash. ... Constructing an island in a contrasting color is also becoming popular, as it helps to break up that all-white kitchen look. Some are even taking it a step further and buying a refrigerator in the same color as the island.

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