Single Women, Gen Xers, And Hispanics Are The Most Overlooked Buyer Groups

July 7, 2017

Millennials are the largest segment of homebuyers, at 34 percent of the market, so they have gotten the most attention from lenders. But a few other groups are flexing their buying power as well.

HousingWire reports that single women, Hispanics, and people belonging to Generation X are being overlooked.

Single women (17 percent of all buyers) buy homes at twice the rate of single men, and Hispanic buyers account for nearly half of all first-time homebuyers. Gen Xers have a 28 percent share of the housing market and often buy the largest and most expensive homes.

“Many of these individuals would welcome seminars on what’s required to buy a home and the benefits of homeownership,” said Arch MI Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jim Jumpe. “Saving for a down payment is a challenge for nearly all renters, not just Millennials.”

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