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A new showerhead designed by Silicon Valley startup Oasense uses powerful sensors to detect when someone is standing directly beneath it, and only then does it dial up the pressure to maximum flow. The Reva showerhead reduces the water to 15% of its usual flow when the user steps away, cutting total water use in half for each shower. That could amount to 1,000 gallons of water saved a month for a family of four in California, totaling roughly $250 in utility savings a year, Fast Company reports.

Not only could water-saving showerheads like Reva help homeowners conserve water in areas faced with severe droughts, but they also amount to significant savings, making them eco- and cost-friendly solutions which Oasense believes the shower industry can and should introduce more widely in the near future.

While the American West is going through the worst drought in 1,200 years, climate change is making weather extremes of both flooding and drought more common in other areas. Parts of the Midwest and Northeast are also experiencing drought now; more than 90% of Massachusetts is currently in a drought. Tang believes that the whole shower industry should move toward smarter tech. “I think this technology really should be a de facto solution for all showerheads in the future,” he says.

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