SpongeBob SquarePaint

No need to climb into your thinking chair to reason this one out
By Meghan Stromberg, Senior Editor | April 30, 2003

No need to climb into your thinking chair to reason this one out: Kids help sell homes. In a weekend of new home hunting, a couple might not remember which house had the 42-inch cabinets and which had the exterior trim upgrade, but their kids won't let them forget the house with the Blue's Clues bedroom and SpongeBob SquarePants kids' bath.

A new line of paints from home improvement giant Lowe's and kids' network Nickelodeon might make it even easier for builders and interior designers to create those memory points. The Nickelodeon collection features colors from popular children's cartoons: SpongeBob SquarePants Bubble Blue, Barnacle Brown and Spongy Yellow; Jimmy Neutron Rocket Red and Purple Flurp; Rugrats Reptar Green, Spilt Milk and Bestest Blue; Blue's Clues Thinking Chair Pink and Pawprint Blue; Dora the Explorer Hola Indigo and Bonita Berry; and Oswald Octopus Blue and Marshmallow Yellow.

Coordinated decorator kits with appliques and paint stamps of the cartoon characters are also available.


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