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St. Louis is launching a new affordable housing program
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While cities across the U.S. are facing an affordable housing crisis, one city is launching a new program in an effort to alleviate the burden in a sustainable way. Led by the St. Louis Development and the Community Development Administration, the City of St. Louis is implementing a program that would provide affordable housing as soon as next summer. According to KSDK, the program focuses on developing "missing middle" housing using innovative techniques, such as modular construction, prefabrication, panelized construction, and 3D printing. 

“Affordable housing experts and advocates know that modern building technologies can coexist with traditional construction practices,” SLDC President and CEO Neal Richardson said. “Through this pilot program, we hope to demonstrate to area homeowners, leaders, lenders and realtors that modern building technologies can provide quality, affordable and sustainable homes that will help repopulate and reinvigorate neighborhoods in the City of St. Louis.”

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