Startup Helps Landlords Turn Rental Rooms Into Pay-by-the-Week Rooming Houses

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | September 25, 2019
Photo by Cassidy Kelley on Unsplash

An Atlanta startup wants to help property owners make more money from single-family homes. The company, PadSplit, says the market is ready for single-room occupancy rentals that were once a staple of urban housing, but were largely zoned out of existence in U.S. cities decades ago.
The company currently manages more than 400 rooms, mostly in lower- and middle-income neighborhoods where single-family homes predominate, in the Atlanta area. The company instructs landlords on how to convert properties into PadSplit-branded lodging. It then manages rooms for a fee by navigating local laws governing rental properties. The company plans to offer its services in other regions.

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