The State of Age in the 50 States

August 9, 2018
Couple sitting on bench, Land's End, San Francisco, Calif.
Photo: Unsplash/Matthew Bennett

A new study of every county in all 50 states tracks the concentrations of the elderly (aged 65 years and up), those of working age (20 to 64 years), and young (up to age 19).  

Utah was found to be the youngest state in the nation, and has the highest birth rate. Tooele County, Utah has the largest share of younger people at 35.9 percent. By contrast, San Francisco county in California has the lowest share of children in the nation, 15 percent of its population, according to Trulia's analysis. The national average stands at 25.2 percent. 

Call it the greying of America. As baby boomers enter their golden years, a great demographic shift is taking place. Across the nation, the median age is creeping up. Yet this aging is not consistent from one place to the next. At Trulia, we wanted to know where exactly older people are concentrated. And how do different parts of the country compare as far as age distribution is concerned? To get a granular view of regional differences, Trulia took a look at the age structure of every county in the US.

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