Stay Ahead of the Curve: Creative Design Applications

June 20, 2014

Incoporating unique products throughout a home can help builders stay on the cutting edge of home design

Staying on the cutting edge of creative home design is increasingly complex, as traditional sources of home inspiration — books, magazines, regional home tours, etc. — have been supplemented by the advent of tools like Houzz and Pinterest. While these new resources make building a home easier than ever for consumers, they’re also challenging builders to stay ahead by offering a variety of on-trend choices.

“Many of our clients are scouring Houzz and similar sites for ideas, and while it’s a helpful tool in terms of visualizing how their space will look, it also encourages us to constantly innovate with our designs to stay ahead of the curve,” said Cory Atack of Richard Atack Construction, a custom design and build firm near Richmond, Va. “Homeowners want their spaces to be a distinctive reflection of their personalities and tastes, so it’s a wonderful challenge.”

One of the ways Cory consistently keeps his designs creative and fresh is through unique applications of standout features like fireplaces, incorporating innovative products like the REVO series — a 7-inch deep modern fireplace that can hang on the wall — from Heat & Glo into new home plans. Since it doesn’t require any framing, it’s the perfect addition to spaces in need of warmth and ambiance, like bathrooms, kitchens, or entryways.

In that spirit of inspired design, Richard Atack Construction is currently working on a home that involves its most inventive fireplace application to date: two Heat & Glo Solaris circular fireplaces stacked to create a figure eight. The award-winning Solaris features a razor burner and provides the illusion of multiple flames that appear six feet deep. Enhanced by mirror technology and lighting, the Solaris alone is a standout focal point. Two of these stunning models together will create a truly one-of-a-kind centerpiece of design excellence. 

“When we began planning this house, we knew that creative design elements were very important to our clients, and that they wanted fireplaces to play a big role in building a warm and inviting atmosphere,” said Cory. “We incorporate Heat & Glo products into so many of our homes because they provide a tremendous value and are easy to work with, so we immediately began thinking of ways that we could take this floor plan to the next level by focusing on fireplaces as a design feature.”

In addition to utilizing trendsetting models like the REVO and Solaris, incorporating fireplaces into unusual spaces is another way to showcase creative design in home plans. Developing an outdoor space, such as a porch or patio, around a fireplace can create an extension of the traditional family room while providing the “wow” factor many clients seek. A multi-side fireplace offers a natural transition between rooms while serving as a focal point for multiple spaces.

Elevating traditional and in-demand home features through unique applications is a great way to ensure that homeowners are happy – and stay ahead of the Houzz curve.

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