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Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in facade claddings, air barriers, coatings, and renovation systems, has re-engineered the classic look of brick and wood facades for buildings of all kinds with new prefabricated resin-cast shapes that combine eye-catching aesthetics with low maintenance and long-term durability. Together with StoColor Metallic, StoCast Brick and StoCast Wood are the latest innovations in external cladding that help Sto to deliver on its promise to the architectural and design community – “Creativity Begins, Sto Finishes.”   

“At Sto, we believe that creativity in the mind’s eye should be limitless. An architect’s inspiration for the building envelope can come from almost anywhere – a stunning sunset, the waves of the ocean, a brilliant cityscape, a picturesque mountaintop, and so much more,” said Karine Galla, senior product manager for Sto. “Our goal is to empower architects to transform their vision into reality and to combine form and function. We fulfill that promise through a straightforward call to action: ‘Creativity Begins, Sto Finishes.’ StoCast Brick, StoCast Wood, and StoColor Metallic elevate classic looks while also enabling designers to create facades with multiple cladding solutions. In all cases, Sto’s innovations perform at the level required in today’s construction environment without sacrificing on compelling aesthetics for the building envelope.”  

StoCast Brick becomes the ideal solution when a project requires a classic brick look. It is comprised of custom-made resin-cast brick shapes that are lightweight, flexible, easy to apply, durable, and sustainable. They are available in 30 standard brick options or project-specific colors, patterns, and textures. Crews can install StoCast Brick in conjunction with Sto’s proprietary engineered wall systems or over prepared vertical above-grade concrete and concrete masonry. The bricks can also be installed over stucco walls, ceilings, and soffits, and are ideal for renovation projects where custom brick matching is a requirement.

In a similar fashion, StoCast Wood is a collection of lightweight, flexible, resin-cast wood grain planks that delivers an authentic wood appearance. Designed with 45 different wood grain patterns, StoCast Wood ensures a natural wood look and avoids repeating wood patterns seen with other wall claddings. The planks are easy to apply and can be stained with StoColor® Wood Stain in a wide range of colors and in either a glossy or matte finish. They can also be coated with any of Sto’s high-performance architectural coatings. A durable, low-maintenance alternative to natural or engineered wood cladding, StoCast Wood may also be installed over Sto’s engineered building enclosure systems as well as concrete, concrete masonry, and stucco walls, ceilings, and soffits.   

StoColor® Metallic offers the ability to achieve a metallic panel look with a variety of color and texture options. All 15 standard colors can be applied over smooth or textured surfaces, creating a custom look while utilizing standard finishes. The coating system features StoColor Metallic Top Coat, a lightweight, breakthrough new acrylic-based coating with metallic effect pigments, applied over StoColor Metallic Base. It’s the combination of the two layers that creates the luminous depth, allowing subtle light-induced color shifts to produce a dynamic metal look.

“These new solutions from Sto take the beauty and durability of wood, brick, and metal, reproduce these desirable appearances to enhance the interior or exterior walls of any building, and introduce key value drivers for architects, designers, contractors, developers, and installers – long-term durability, greater performance characteristics, ease of installation, and unmistakable curb appeal,” added Galla.